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Emily could not keep food down. After several visits to multiple doctors and a trip to the ER, the doctors could not identify the source of the problem. One doctor did mention that she was full of stool. At that point, she had several colon hydrotherapy sessions and experienced about 40% improvement. After only three sessions, the spasms that were causing the vomiting stopped. She was able to keep food down and return to work after months of being sick!

Hi, I’m Jana and I am a big believer in colon hydrotherapy! It just gives me a sense of well being and helps relieve the gas, bloating, and constipation that I was suffering with for years. And as an added benefit, it clears my complexion, recharges my energy and helps cut food craving!

 I had lost all hope of having the body and overall physical health that I knew I could achieve. Time and time again I would exercise and eat in what I thought was a healthy way. With no results for weight loss and overall comfort. It was not until I consulted with Cindy at Transformations that things began to turn around for me. I implemented the fat flush and colonic combination into my new diet of fiber rich foods, in addition to eliminating food late in the day. This is the combination that I needed to lose belly and back fat, and feel great. I would recommend Transformation’s services to anyone who is feeling frustrated with their body and comfort level. I have regained hope for having the body and overall physical health that I knew I could achieve. Thanks Transformations!

Having colonics gave my body the opportunity to heal from all of the toxins and blockages I was experiencing. I have been able to enjoy a sense of well-being and regularity that no prescription drug could have provided. Thank You!

I have been suffering from chronic heartburn for 10 years. I am now completely free of heartburn. I do not need those antacids anymore. My digestion is much better! Thank You!

Thanks for giving me my life back to enjoy.

Let me tell you all something. I went to Cindy years ago when I had my first child, 20 years now I never felt better, and as I call it “feel like I can fly” I would go often till We moved to another state and life just got so busy with kids that I put my health on hold. The greatest news is… I found Cindy again, and struggling all those years not feeling my greatest I knew there was only one thing missing… So I see her regularly, to keep me regular. I tell all my friends, and clients about this amazing feeling and hope that they take advantage of coming clean, lol. Thank you Cindy and all you lovely people at transformation wellness spa for your professionalism, willingness to help detox and tell us about nutrition.

Living in Lawrence, KS one of the first things I did was look for colonic irrigation. Lo and behold about an hour away was a place who could do it. It’s been a while and forgive me for not remembering her name buy she was absolutely amazing. We had a pleasant conversation and the atmosphere was great, everything was so clean. I hadn’t felt so good and energized since my last one in California. Because I haven’t been on a steady anything I haven’t gone back but plan to get back in there real soon I need the toxins gone and the energy back. Every time I have gone it almost feels like you’re reborn again like a new slate. I highly recommend it for all people the health benefits are reasons to do it.

This is the best thing I’ve done for my health. My chronic fatigue syndrome is much improved. I’ve been able to become an early an early-riser consistently – 8-9 a.m. Able to go to bed earlier, sleep deeper. My days are more productive with longer endurance. Miss Cindy is the best colon irrigation specialist with 30 yrs experience. On my 3rd colonic, I just had a release of “old, toxic waste”. It’s exciting to get the “old” junk out that has been stuck inside me for however long it’s been there. Thanks, Miss Cindy for everything!

In the war for your health, Biofeedback is the recon of the enemies forces and Colonics is the ARTILLERY!” — Caleb — After 4 colonics, our weather had changed and my 2 month improvement had stalled.  My constipation was improved with the daily fiber. Enter Taneesha & biofeedback, I learned how my body was responding at the cellular level. I scored high for mercury, radiation (I had been using my lap as a desk), dairy toxicity, malabsorption, severe constipation, bone + muscle issues. I added organic greens daily, added Garden of Life QZyme digestive Enzymes, increased my salads. I’ll be increasing my 1x mth colonics and doing a detox to eliminate the heavy metals.  My family added radiation absorbers to reduce the effects of radiation in our environment. Saw our chiropractor after skipping for several months, I needed a complete adjustment.  My sleep + energy greatly improved after that as well as headaches. After my biofeedback my energy, productivity increased, it also mad realize I hadn’t made enough changed in my diet & that there were issues my body was dealing with I didn’t even have a clue about that I will be working with Transformations to eliminate. THANKS LADIES!

I was new to the whole ‘colonics thing’ when I went to Cindy. Honestly, I told a friend about it and she went first and loved it. Yes, I used her as a Guinea pig. Lol I must admit that the colonics was amazing! I lost weight and felt so good ridding my body of all of that toxic waste. The colon vitamins Cindy gave me to take worked just as she said. Also, Cindy provided me the contact to purchase And learn more about Kangan water. Meeting that doctor was the most life changing thing that’s ever happened to me. He told me everything that was wrong with me, things that had happened, and what would come. I was blown away and honestly, haven’t looked back on not living my life as wholistic as I can. Cindy may have very well saved my life considering all of the various cancers that run in my family. Thank you Cindy!

Cindy is the ONLY colon hydrotherapist I’ve recommended here in the Midwest since I found her in 2012 after 3 other failed attempts. Colonics are priority over most of my other health / medical services that I regularly have done  to improve my current health.  They changed the quality of my life. Recently, I needed to increase my colonics after a 3 month stay in the hospital and a year hiatus due to mobility issues. I have also included TWS’s Biofeedback with Taneesha, WOW!! My healing progress had stalled with numerous, seemingly nonrelated symptoms. My other Drs + wellness specialists were stumped. After a year researching, trying other supps & protocols….frustration! 2 Biofeedback sessions have shown me how my cells, organs are reacting to my environment, not my guesses at how they’re faring. Thank you for helping me understand my body  which has enabled me to make an action plan, to benefit from energy, to realize even totally organic supplements + food might cause a negative effect for my cells & that stopping/starting some of these can improve health. One thing was realizing my cells were being burdened with too much radiation. A couple changes and the next week, it wasn’t even on the list.

In Oct 2016 Cindy saved me from having to go to the E.R. I was having 1 colonic /wk and I’d felt much improved and then a couple days later the abdominal congestion would return. I woke up Saturday morning vomiting and with diarrhea. There was no fever, no cold or flu symptoms  and I was confident that it was connected to issues of severe constipation +toxicity I’d been having. Cindy performed a colonic– the pressure from the gas alone keep pushing the tube out. After releasing the trapped gasses, I felt immediately improved. The following Monday, Taneesha found the inflammation of the stomach during my biofeedback and was able to do energy work to improve the function of the stomach. Right after the biofeedback I had one final loose elimination and the stomach issue resolved with no stomach complaints for the rest of the week. My normal eliminations were doubled.

My first biofeedback was AMAZING! I learned I had parasites, viruses, eww. Things I thought were just a part of life and I needed to live with were part of the larger picture of my health. I thought I was fairly healthy and shocked to discover there were some major imbalances. I realized I need to take responsibility for the food I eat, my water, vitamins and supps, & my environment. I had more vitamin deficiencies than I would’ve guessed. TANEESHA WAS AWESOME explaining everything, going through the results. of my biofeedback.  A+++++++++++ Best thing I’ve done for my body in years! IT’S CHANGED MY WHOLE OUTLOOK ON MY BODY AND HEALTH!

My whole family has been to Transformations Wellness Spa for Colonics + Biofeedback. These services have been TRANSFORMATIONAL for my wife + son most especially, when we were not able to find answers and results for their health. The ladies all have the best bedside manner, explaining the processes, their experiences, useful information to help us get “unstuck” and amazing results. Cindy has helped us through a few emergencies over the last three years! We highly recommend them to our local friends + family! A+++++++

Transformation Wellness Spa Colonics has helped clear up my skin, slow down bloating in my stomach , I currently have no allergies also the taste in my mouth has changed which helped for fresher breath also slowed down my sugar cravings. I have never been so excited about my poop before. Thanks for everything Transformation Wellness Spa.

Everyone should definitely try this if you’re interested in changing your life for the better, by having long term good health and wellness! My potato chip cravings definitely told on my body during this ionic foot detox.

At 21 yrs I was beginning to feel 65. My Mom convinced me to try colonics.

After a horrible 10 months of disabling chronic fatigue symptoms, I decided I had nothing to lose. Prior to my Autumn “powering down”, I’d been struggling with increasing symptoms since 17.

* Chronic lifetime of since I was born.                  * Digestive distress after meals

Pediatrician prescribed me Miralax til I was       * Bloating

in my teens and it ceased to work.                         * Weight around the middle

* No energy, stamina                                                * very thin but with a “tummy”

* Chronic fatigue                                                       * Bad breath

* Non refreshing sleep                                             * Depression + apathy

* Headaches                                                               * Self Esteem Issues

* Sinuses                                                                     * Low energy turned me from

* Gas issues                                                                       Extrovert to Introvert

* Calculus on teeth                                                   * Stayed close to home

* Toe fungus                                                              * Constant brain “fog” +

* Increased food allergies                                              Irritability

* Intolerances                                                           * Weather greatly affected me

After TWO (2) Colonics with Cindy
 at Transformations Wellness Spa; One in July  + one in August including Cindy’s recommended Colon Max, which I take daily.

~ I’m able to wake up on my own between 7a-9a depending on my schedule vs. 12-4p.

~ I head to bed at a decent time 10:30p to midnight.

~ Awake WITH energy

~ My supplements are effective again

~ Less gas, no digestive distress, no headaches

~ My daily productivity has tripled without the crashes or caffeine

~ Feelings of worthlessness, depression, apathy, procrastination + avoidance mostly gone.

~ Weather: storms, barometer, pollen aren’t shutting me down.

~ I look forward to my days, the fog is lifting, it’s not all gone yet.

Milestone: Had 7 BMS in 1 week. I don’t remember ever accomplishing that  before with supplements, fiber, suppository. All without the strain, pain, wait, discomfort.

My 1st colonic gave me the ability to help out with a summer 5 day event with kids, helping wit game-time out in the HOT, humid July weather. I was going to bow out but my colonic gave me a “bounce” that made me feel like I could do it.

Milestone: After my 2nd colonic in August I was able to do a 4-day camping trip with my friends over Labor Day Weekend. Hiking, Sight-seeing etc… normally it would’ve taken me  1-2 weeks to recover from and I would’ve struggled to keep up.

My 3rd colonic is this Thursday, I’m EXCITED to see how my health and life will further improve.  My ONE serious regret is that it took me 4 yrs to do something that has made such a life-changing impact.  I feel I wasted much of the last few yrs feeling horrible, but I hope to make up for it. PRAISE the Father for Cindy’s healing gift + Transformations Wellness Spa.