Improve Your Colonic Session

We want your spa visits to be as productive as you do!  Here are our tips for maximizing your next visit:

  1. Increase water intake prior to your visit and ideally dail  As a starting point, replace one of your beverages (soda, coffee, juice, etc.) with 16 oz of water.  Steadily increase the amount or number of beverages you replace.    Look for more information in our next newsletter on how critical water intake is for your overall wellness.
  2. Increase blood flow prior to your visit and ideally daily. We recommend using the Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) medical device* which is now available in our office.  Watch this video below to see the difference between optimal blood flow and to slow moving, waste filled blood struggling to transport the waste away from vital organs.
  3. Customer Appreciation Weekis September 9th– 16th.  Keep an eye out for more helpful tips and ways to implement these tips with prizes such as massage, stress tests, PEMF and more.  We will announce the dates soon as we prepare to move offices!

*Our doctor directed PEMF sessions will be delivered by our new partner, Dr. Thomas of Abiding Wellness Chiropractic.  We are offering an introductory discount on a package of PEMF sessions during the month of August and alongside our customer appreciation.  You can call us at Transformations, (816) 524-2266 to learn more and to schedule your sessions!

We are privileged to be your health and wellness partners and are excited to celebrate you during Customer Appreciation Week.

With Regard for your Whole Health,

The Staff at Transformations