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801 N.E. Woods Chapel Road, Suite A, Lee’s Summit, MO 64064

We are reopening Saturday 5/16
We are open for business and resuming normal services – book your appointment as they are filling up fast!

Bloated, IBS, constipated, cranky, lethargic, fatigued, brain fog?

Colon hydrotherapy (better known as “colonics”) may be just what you need to detoxify and not only clear your colon but your mind as well!

Transformations Wellness Spa has been helping clients achieve vibrant health and vitality for over 30 years through colon hydrotherapy. You will find our spa professional, clean, warm, and friendly.

At Transformations Wellness Spa you don’t just “get a colonic”, but will be educated and “transformed from the inside out.” Health is a journey and we are here to help you every step of the way.

We look forward to meeting you and having you become a part of our Wellness Family!

Spa Wellness Transformations

Emily could not keep food down. After several visits to multiple doctors and a trip to the ER, the doctors could not identify the source of the problem. One doctor did mention that she was full of stool. At that point, she had several colon hydrotherapy sessions and experienced about 40% improvement. After only three sessions, the spasms that were causing the vomiting stopped. She was able to keep food down and return to work after months of being sick!

Hi, I’m Jana and I am a big believer in colon hydrotherapy! It just gives me a sense of well being and helps relieve the gas, bloating, and constipation that I was suffering with for years. And as an added benefit, it clears my complexion, recharges my energy and helps cut food craving!


 I had lost all hope of having the body and overall physical health that I knew I could achieve. Time and time again I would exercise and eat in what I thought was a healthy way. With no results for weight loss and overall comfort. It was not until I consulted with Cindy at Transformations that things began to turn around for me. I implemented the fat flush and colonic combination into my new diet of fiber rich foods, in addition to eliminating food late in the day. This is the combination that I needed to lose belly and back fat, and feel great. I would recommend Transformation’s services to anyone who is feeling frustrated with their body and comfort level. I have regained hope for having the body and overall physical health that I knew I could achieve. Thanks Transformations!

Rachel N.

Having colonics gave my body the opportunity to heal from all of the toxins and blockages I was experiencing. I have been able to enjoy a sense of well-being and regularity that no prescription drug could have provided. Thank You!

Jennifer D.

I have been suffering from chronic heartburn for 10 years. I am now completely free of heartburn. I do not need those antacids anymore. My digestion is much better! Thank You!


Thanks for giving me my life back to enjoy.


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